64 Financial Affirmations -
Attract Abundance into your Life Using
this POWERFUL List of Money Affirmations

Financial Affirmations Against Self-Limiting Beliefs Around Money!

So many people have self-limiting beliefs around financial abundance that… It is kind of crazy! 

Affirmations can be your go-to tool to overcome these self-limiting beliefs and blockages that prevent you from getting the financial abundance and the money you deserve. They are super powerful!! 

And especially the  list of financial affirmations for money abundance that we have curated for you. Why? Well, the financial affirmations on the list have been more than created to work… They have been engineered to work. To make the “click” in your brain that you need to change your relationship with money and financial abundance. 

As always though, some affirmations will be more powerful than others for YOU, since we all have different blockages and self-limitating beliefs around money. 

Some affirmations will turn the key for those that are stuck because they believe that “money is difficult to get because it is scarce“, while others will work for those who believe “I am not worthy of financial abundance”, while others will work for those that believe “Financial abundance turns me into a bad person, and therefore I unconsciously reject it” (yes, unconsciously some people believe that!).

Do you Want to Know the Secrets to Take Affirmations to the Next Level?

Our HUGE Problem with Financial Abundance as a Society

Are you starting to realize (as I did at the time) that we (as a society) have an ENORMOUS problem in our relationship with money? Are you interested to know why? I mean, this problem most likely includes you, as 99% of population HAVE self-limiting beliefs around money. 

We, as a society, do not only think that money is difficult to get and that you need to born in a certain family in order to have financial abundance, we also think that money is filthy, and that those who have it become bad and corrupt…

Take a look at the statements below. Have you may heard them over and over since you were a child? Well, if so, they have been engraved in your brain creating your self-limiting beliefs. 

  • Money does not grow in trees
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Mathew 19:24)
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
And the list goes on…
It is our job now with the help of our list of EXTRA POWERFUL positive affirmations for financial abundance to get you to STOP believing these statements are true.

Do you Want to Know the Secrets to Take Affirmations to the Next Level?

But is MONEY not the root of all evil then?

If you feel guilty about removing your financial blockages because you believe “money is the root of all evil” (as the Bible says so), please rest assured that in reality I (and many) believe this was a problem of interpretation.

What the verse of the Bible really says is “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil”

This is the TRUE version of what the Bible says, not sure why we simplified to just “money is the root of all evil”.

Can you notice the subtle difference? Religion never said anything against the pursuit of wealth and prosperity being evil. It does speak against greed, as this “love of money” without principles will corrupt the individual. Religion didn’t encourage us not to pursue wealth… It just reminded us that we have to do it in a moral and ethical way, and don’t get corrupted and blinded by money in the pursuit of wealth.

This topic is so huge that I will need to address the problem a blog post… But for now… 


The Most Powerful Positive Affirmations for Financial Abundance!

  1. I attract money.
  2. I am a money magnet.
  3. I am good at attracting opportunities.
  4. I am good at saving money.
  5. I am capable of making good financial decisions.
  6. Prosperity flows naturally into my life.
  7. I deserve to have financial freedom.
  8. I attract money and success effortlessly.
  9. Making money is natural and easy for me.
  10. I see abundance of opportunities everywhere every single day.
  11. I am a winner.
  12. I am grateful to be the winner of /place whatever you like here/
  13. I attract money so I can do good things with it.
  14. I am a money machine generator.
  15. I am getting wealthier each passing day.
  16. Wealth is flowing from all directions to me in a positive and healthy way.
  17. It is easy to attract money.
  18. I enjoy my financial independence.
  19. I am able to financially support my family.
  20. Today I will earn /$XXX/ in an ethical way.
  21. Today I will earn /$XXX/ doing what I love.
  22. I can see clearly now the path towards my financial freedom.
  23. Money enjoys my company.
  24. I am able to open numerous ways to generate income for myself.
  25. I am always blessed with more wealth than I need.
  26. I successfully create new income streams.
  27. I thank the Universe for blessing me with limitless wealth.
  28. Whenever I start to do something productive, I am poured with countless help, support and opportunities from all around.
  29. I am able to manage my time and money efficiently.
  30. I fearlessly walk towards total financial freedom.
  31. My life is flooded with an abundance of wealth and prosperity.
  32. All the wealth I deserve enters into my life and stays.
  33. The Universe takes care of me and my wealth.
  34. I receive never-ending blessings and protection for my wealth from the Universe.
  35. I am ready and available to receive money.
  36. I am ready to receive /$xxx/
  37. I invite new ideas and opportunities to earn money.
  38. I choose to have financial freedom.
  39. Manifesting money is easy for me.
  40. Manifesting money is natural to me.
  41. It is ok to receive money.
  42. I am grateful for my enormous wealth and abundance.
  43. My life is surrounded by care, love and abundance of wealth
  44. I know how to preserve and grow my wealth.
  45. I can manifest money today.
  46. I know that prosperity can come in expected and unexpected way, so I open myself fully to it.
  47. I respectfully accept every positive thing that life offers me.
  48. I can handle large amounts of money efficiently and with grace.
  49. I can choose wealth alongside with love, peace and harmony.
  50. My mind is programmed to find new ways to generate income every day.
  51. My mind is programmed for wealth, prosperity and happiness.
  52. It is ok to attract money into my life.
  53. I give myself permission to manifest wealth.
  54. Money is easy to get.
  55. I can easily manifest money.
  56. The Universe is conspiring to make me more prosperous.
  57. I attract money opportunities.
  58. I am a money magnet.
  59. Money flows into my life in a healthy way.
  60. I open myself to receive money.
  61. I choose to enjoy the money I receive.
  62. There is plenty for everyone.
  63. There is abundance all around me.
  64. There is abundance for me and everyone else.