102 Affirmations To Lose Weight
- EXTRA POWERFUL Affirmations List that Will Rewire

your MINDSET to Lose Weight!

The power of affirmations to lose weight is understimated. 

People, including health professionals, tend to forget that losing weight is a not only a physical journey, it is also a phsychological game. 

You are literally changing your habits, and transforming your body.  And, let me ask you a question: what do you think YOU ARE when you have new habits and a new body?… 

Well, if you ask me, I would say that you are: A NEW YOU… A NEW PERSON! 

 Imagine the impact that that alone has on your psyche: you are becoming a new person!

You need new thoughts that support that transformation!!

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The Crucial Role of your Mindset when Losing Weight

So, a great deal of your success when losing weight will depend on your mindset. Wire yourself for weight loss, and you will have a distint advantage.  Let me explain why.

Your beliefs make up your story and your reality. If you believe and say to yourself that getting rid of weight is difficult and painful, it will most likely be.  If you believe that losing weight it is achievable but demanding, you will experience that. 

Do you get the idea?

So feel that you can lose weight, that you are actually losing it, believe it, and say what you want to achieve over and over.

When you are going through such a profound transformation (remember that you are becoming someone with a new body and new habits),  you need tools and techniques that support you.


Why Are Affirmations So Powerful When Losing Weight?

Affirmations are extremely powerful, and very simple to add to your routine. They will help you stop the negative self- talk and self-criticism. Probably, it won’t happen overnight. But if you are consistent and keep repeating them over and over, they will re-wire your brain for success.

So, if you are struggling to lose weight, or simply want a tool to support you while using weight, try affirmations. “A positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

The best thing is that this technique is completely free and once you get into the habit, it becomes natural in you repeat your affirmations daily.

Do you want to Discover the Secrets to Take the Affirmations to THE NEXT LEVEL?

List Of 102 Extra Powerful Affirmations to Lose Weight

And now, without further ado, here is a compilation of 102 Super Powerful Positive Affirmations to Lose Weight. These affirmations are created to WORK!! 

But you need to choose the ones that make more sense for your own personal situation! You can also tell us your favourite ones! We would love to get your feedback!

  1. I can lose weight
  2. I am losing weight
  3. I find it easy to make the right food choices
  4. I chose to eat right and exercise
  5. I am motivated to lose weight and become healthy
  6. Losing weight is easy for me
  7. I deserve to be slim and fit
  8. I love being physically fit
  9. I am committed to losing weight
  10. It feels fantastic to be in good shape
  11. I chose to eat healthy and move more
  12. I love the abundant variety of healthy food choices I have
  13. My mind and body are wired to make this happen
  14. I am committed to losing weight
  15. I let go of health choices that do not serve me
  16. Being fit and healthy allows me to share my gifts with the world
  17. Healthy eating is my way of life
  18. I am totally committed to losing weight
  19. I release all blocks to achieving a healthy weight
  20. I love being physically fit
  21. I love to drink water
  22. I can enjoy healthy food and eat mindfully
  23. I move closer towards my ideal weight every day
  24. I am proud of myself for picking the right healthy lifestyle choices
  25. I honor my body and my health
  26. I do not give up because I honor my body
  27. I am grateful for my healthy body
  28. My body appreciates and responds to my healthy lifestyle choices
  29. I eat mindfully
  30. I chose to stop eating when I am full
  31. I show my body respect and gratitude by making the right food choices
  32. I know that I can lose weight
  33. I have a healthy relationship with food
  34. I release the guilt from old habits
  35. I enjoy healthy, nutritious foods
  36. I release excess weight from my body
  37. My fat cells are shrinking every day
  38. Keeping fit and healthy brings lots of joy in my life
  39. I show respect for myself by eating right and exercising
  40. My desire for unhealthy foods is dissolving
  41. I am creating a healthy lifestyle so I can have the weight and body I want and deserve
  42. Every cell is my organism is working towards healthy weight
  43. I know that I can make my food cravings disappear if I focus my attention on something else
  44. Eating well is natural to me
  45. I love my body
  46. I am grateful for my body
  47. I am grateful for my strong will power
  48. I am grateful for what my body does for me
  49. I love how I feel when I eat healthy food
  50. I love how I feel when I exercise
  51. My body is the most precious gift, so I chose to honor it eating healthy nourishing foods
  52. Achieving my weight loss goal becomes easier every day
  53. I am grateful for having a body capable of exercising
  54. I am grateful for being able to control my appetite
  55. I deserve to live a happy, healthy life
  56. I deserve to achieve a healthy body weight for me
  57. My body is getting stronger, slimer and healthier every day
  58. I am able to appreciate every bite
  59. I chose to be slim and healthy
  60. My metabolism rate supports me in achieving my ideal weight goal
  61. I do not give up
  62. I allow myself to love myself
  63. I am losing weight because I love myself
  64. I am healthy and filled with energy
  65. I am open to losing weight
  66. Being healthy and making the right food choices is who I am now
  67. I am becoming a better version of myself every day
  68. I am devoted to being the best version of myself so I can serve the world
  69. My relationship with food is getting better and better
  70. I take time to appreciate my body every day
  71. Every day in every way my body is getting healthier and healthier
  72. I’m beginning to easily lose weight
  73. I am slimming down
  74. I have a healthy relationship with my body
  75. I have a healthy relationship with food
  76. I effortlessly lose weight
  77. Any extra weight is easily released from my body
  78. I stop eating when I feel full
  79. I find it easy to drink plenty of water thorough the day
  80. My body craves healthy whole foods
  81. I only eat when I am hungry
  82. I love to get my body moving
  83. I let go of any judgments I have for my body
  84. Exercise is becoming a new habit for me
  85. I am feeling better and better every day
  86. I feel more confident in my body than ever before
  87. I can love myself and my body
  88. I know that if I take care of my body, my body will take care of me
  89. If I indulge from time to time, I forgive myself
  90. I let go of my negative feelings towards my body
  91. I chose health over anything else
  92. I love myself and my body unconditionally
  93. I am creating a body that I enjoy and I am happy to live in
  94. I love myself and my body
  95. I am worthy of a body I love
  96. I nourish my body with fresh foods and water
  97. Losing weight is something that I truly enjoy
  98. I am creating a body that is strong, slim and healthy
  99. I feel thinner everyday and my clothes become looser every day
  100. I chose to move and love having an active life
  101. I can lovingly listen to what my body really needs
  102. Losing weight is easy and simple for m