70 EXTRA MIGTHY Positive affirmations for success, wealth and abundance... Daily Affirmations to Achieve your Goals!

Affirmations for Success

Affirmations for Success, Wealth and Abundance

It is no secret that achieving success means different things for different people. But what is common for all truly successful people is that they have perfected their mindset. 

Even if most of us can’t really see it, ther right type of mindset that strives for growth is the true key to success.

Unfortunately, this is not something that is talked about enough in the open. Success is almost 100% of the times presented as unattainable. We are led to believe that successful people are either extremely lucky or extremely smart.

So it is really not surprising that  we, as a society,  think we will never be able to attract such levels of success, wealth and abundance.

And do you know the funny thing behind this belief? That when you believe that, that is exactly what happens… That you are NOT able to attract the success, wealth and abundance that you deserve and that is waiting for you (if you want to).

When you dig in into this topic, you start to realise that successful people all share a type of mindset that is able to attract  success, wealth and general abundance in their lives.

Obviously the mindset is not 100% the same for all. But what is common is that they believe in what others would call “miracles” or “extremely unlikely strikes of luck”.

How to Use Our Powerful List of Affirmations

First of all, define what success, abundance and wealth is for yourself.

All of us have different definitions for this! Take the time to be honest with yourself, reflect on this and look at yourself in the mirror.

What do you want to attract for your life? What would make you feel happy and abundance? Forget about the limitations, forget about the hows…


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As you are doing this exercise your mind is going to send you self-limiting/ self-doubt beliefs. Please ignore them and use our secret weapon to overcome those doubts: affirmations!

Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, start using affirmations for success, wealth and abundance!

They are extremely powerful and they will rewire your brain.

Our POWERFUL list of affirmations for success, wealth and abundance is specifically designed to rewire your brain and convince you that you are able to achieve those goals you have set for yourself.

Be consistent and repeat them every day! Set aside at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to repeat them in your mind. And, for extra amazing results, a trick that works wonders: say them out loud.

Take the ones from this huge list that truly resonate with you.

Notice that you will start to see small changes pretty soon after you have started a consistent affirmations routine (consistency is KEY). Many people that start a daily affirmations routine experience significant results that put them closer in the direction of their dreams in a matter of days.

If that is not your case, don’t worry and… Don’t give up!

It is the worst thing you could do to yourself! Even if you are questioning the process or feel like doing something else, keep going!

You are applying discipline in a mind that is used to do whatever it wants. It is normal that it fights back! But you will get the control of it and will rewire the subconsicous mind… As long as you persevere.

Good luck on the fantastic journey of attracting the success, wealth and abundance that you are worth of!

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70 Powerful Affirmations for Success

And now, without further ado, our list of positive daily affirmations specifically designed so you achieve success, wealth and abundance!

Remember to stick to the ones that resonate the most with you!

  1. I attract success.
  2. I am a magnet for success.
  3. I walk forward courageously to achieve everything I want.
  4. I know the path I need to follow to achieve my goals.
  5. I have a growth mindset.
  6. I am wired for growth.
  7. I am a go-getter.
  8. I have the courage to pursuit my dreams.
  9. I am courageous and nothing can stop me in pursuing my goals.
  10. I am successful.
  11. I am on the path to success
  12. I choose courage over fear at all times.
  13. I choose to have a successful life.
  14. I am led to success.
  15. I have full faith in my dreams.
  16. Success finds its way to show itself to me.
  17. I design my life in a successful and healthy way.
  18. I focus on what is important.
  19. I give priority to what is important.
  20. I take the right decisions to achieve success at all times.
  21. I let my energy drive me towards something bigger and better.
  22. I am a good decision maker.
  23. I have a natural ability to analyse every situation wisely and take great decisions.
  24. I have unshakable will-power.
  25. My life is filled with an abundance of power and success.
  26. I have unlimited strength to achieve my goals.
  27. I manifest my success and prosperity with ease.
  28. I am open to receive all kinds of victories and wins.
  29. I am good at setting and achieving my goals.
  30. I trust the Universe to assist me in my success.
  31. I trust the Universe to open doors to new opportunities.
  32. I truly believe that I have the skills and talents required to succeed.
  33. I am talented.
  34. I choose to learn and gain insights from every life experience.
  35.  I am open to explore new opportunities for success.
  36. I pull success into my life as a magnet.
  37. I am highly motivated to work towards my goals and dreams every day.
  38. I am continuously moving towards my success in a healthy way.
  39. Success comes to me naturally and easily.
  40. I have a clear picture of my goals.
  41. I am destined to win.
  42. I am attracting success into my life right now.
  43. I find solutions with easy.
  44. I am in flow, and success comes naturally to me.
  45. I possess a natural talent to manage my time efficiently.
  46. My concentration and focus get better every day.
  47. I have a lovely workplace and a team of amazing people.
  48. I attract opportunities for my success.
  49. I attract the right people for my success.
  50. I know how to successfully seek for help and guidance when needed.
  51. I allow victory, prosperity and wealth into my life in a positive way.
  52. I am laser-focused towards my vision.
  53. I am blessed with new ideas every day.
  54. I am blessed with plenty of motivation each day.
  55. I trust in my ability to thrive under pressure.  
  56. I invite good fortune into my life.
  57. Every single cell of my body welcomes success into my life.
  58. I grow my skills and talents each day.
  59. I feel ready for success.
  60. I can feel the fervour to succeed within me.
  61. My ability to visualize the path towards success is commendable.
  62. Success is entering into my life at the right pace.
  63. I have the ability to transform challenges into greater opportunities.
  64. I can excel.
  65. I inspire the people that surround me.
  66. I am successfully achieving all my goals, one by one.
  67. I create my own opportunities.
  68. I can see every side clearly, and plan efficiently.
  69. I choose to work with passion and dedication. Recognition and success are inevitable.
  70. I have a calm and peaceful mind that allows me to work efficiently.