41 Affirmations for a specific person -
Best Affirmations to Attract Your True Love


Do you want to manifest an specific person? Or maybe you just want to let the Universe know that you are open and receptive for a romantic relationship? 

So many people laughs at this kind of stuff, they do not believe it is possible!  It seems like it is the realm of magic and crazy. Yet, they fail to understand that our mind TRULY sends subliminal messages to everyone around us. 

I guess you get it, and that is why you are checking out this list!

We truly communicate beyond words…  And we can become magnets for good things, such us a TRUE LOVE relationship if we set our mind for it in the right way.

So when you are using positive affirmations to manifest a specific person, you are rewiring your brain to send the subliminal messages you need to attract the person you want and truly deserve, rather than sending messages or self doubting and self limitation.

Use the affirmations as your tool to rewire your brain, and attract with your mind what you truly want and deserve.

Do you Want to Discover The Secrets to Take The Affirmations to the NEXT LEVEL?

Best Affirmations to Attract a Specific Person

Our list of EXTRA POWERFUL Affirmations to Attract a specific person are Super Effective. Just try it and experience the power!

 You don’t need to worry about anything else. BUT please, you need to be consistent and self-disciplined. Especially if you’ve had bad experiences in the past or are filled with self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs in this area, the process can take a while… 

And before I leave you with the list… A quick word of caution here!

As I said, these affirmations are very effective, positive thoughts will help you remove negative thoughts and attract a relationship from a healthy state of mind. These affirmations can help you find TRUE LOVE, and if you were asking from a “needy” state of being and the relationship is not on your best interest (or the other person’s best interest), your new state of mind will help you see that very clearly too.

Choose the ones that RESONATE the most with you and STICK TO REPEATING THE AFFIRMATIONS DAILY.

  1. I open myself to receive happiness and love in a healthy way.
  2. I invite a romantic relationship with /place name here/ into my life and I open myself to receive it.
  3. I thank the Universe for the blessing of love.
  4. I am loved by my /wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend…/
  5. I am open to be loved by /place name here/
  6. I feel a strong bond of love is being born and is flourishing between /place names here/
  7. I thank the Universe for bringing love and harmony in my relationship with /place name here/
  8. My bond with /place name here/ grows each day.
  9. I fill my relationship with /place name here/ love, trust and understanding.
  10. My life is filled with abundance of love and happiness.
  11. I invite my soul mate into my life and I am willing to receive him/her wholeheartedly.
  12. I have a successful relationship with /place name here/ overwhelmed with love, respect and happiness.
  13. I am mentally, physically and emotionally ready for a serious long-term commitment.
  14. My heart is open to receive abundance of love from the Universe.
  15. Love flows into my life naturally and easily.
  16. I cherish and take care of my relationship with /place name here/ every day.
  17. I thank the Universe for blessing my family with love and happiness.
  18. /Open your arms/ I open my arms with the positive intention of receiving love.
  19. Love, happiness, integrity and success are the constants of my life.
  20. I trust the Universe to bring me abundance of love into my life.
  21. My relationship with /place name here/ is delightful.
  22. I give permission for my soul-mate to walk into my life.
  23. My relationship with /place name here/ is strengthening each day.
  24. The Universe is constantly protecting me and the people I love.
  25. I choose /place name here/ as my life partner and seek blessings from the Universe.
  26. There is love and happiness in all aspects of my life.
  27. I give permission to myself to receive love and happiness.
  28. I deserve to be loved and appreciated.
  29. I invite my soul-mate into my life.
  30. The time is right for me to meet my soul-mate.
  31. The Universe in conspiring to unite my soul with /place name here/ soul.
  32. I am attracting my soul-mate just be being me.
  33. I attract love.
  34. I am a magnet for love.
  35. I invite the right person into my life.
  36. I am ready to accept my soul-mate.
  37. The person who is meant for me is entering into my life.
  38. /Place name here/ and I are a perfect match for each other and there is true love between us.
  39. I am irresistible to /place name here/
  40. I am supported by the Universe.
  41. I open my arms /open your arms/ to receive the blessings of a healthy relationship with /place name here/