102 EXTRA POWERFUL Affirmations for Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and CONFIDENCE

Affirmations for Self Love

The Most Powerful List of Affirmations for Self-Love

Have you ever realized that throughout your entire life -whether you like or not- you are going to have to have a relationship with one single person that you can’t get away from (no matter what you do to)?

Do you know who that single person is?

Well, that single person is… YOURSELF! 

Become a super confidence person using affirmations!

But, do you know the good thing that has? That you can truly choose the way that relationship with yourself goes. You can have a bully inside of you (and you have to deal with that bully day in and day out), or you can have a supportive pal that is a helping hand even when in the sour situations that life throws at us.

Yes, honestly it is up to you! 

If you are burdened with self-limiting belifs and self-sabotage, IT IS TIME TO WORK ON THAT!

Affirmations for Self Love and Self Acceptance102 Affirmations for Self-Love!

Our list of 102 positive affirmations for self-love will truly help you! They are engineered for your success with this crucial aspect of your life. The affirmations on this list are simple, but EXTRA effective.

Self-love and self- acceptance are the cornerstone of everything else. Many of us really go through life with lots of doubts about ourselves, wondering and questioning if we are worthy of receiving love from others and good things from the Universe or not.

 Whether we are aware of that mental process going on in our heads is a different story.

However, even if we are unaware of that mental process, we do show our lack of self-love and self-acceptance in the way we behave, in the decisions we make, in the way we act.

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 Why is Self-Love and Self-Acceptance so Important?

If you don’t truly love and accept yourself (for instance, say you are not sure about your physical aspect, or you have insecurities in social situations), you are going to unconsciously project all of that in the world.

I am not sure if you have watched the movie “I Feel Pretty”. If you haven’t, it is about a woman that struggles with massive insecurities around her physical aspect and her skills. After being hit in the head, she suddenly sees herself as super beautiful (she looks in the mirror and has a new body) and super capable. That changes drastically the way that she lives, and the way that other relate to her also does. Then, one day, she realizes that her looks actually never changed… 

Well, this is exactly the way it works. You truly do project in the world the image that you have of yourself inside of your head.

And now without further ado…

 Our List of Extra Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

It is time to shine! You REALLY deserve it!!!

TIP: Repeat the ones that are more meaningful to you many times a day, write them down and stick them around the house, believe in them!!!

  1. I am happy to be me
  2. I am enough
  3. I am worthy of love
  4. I am worthy of happiness
  5. I have the courage to change what I want in my life
  6. I let go of the negative self- talk
  7. I am peaceful and in flow
  8. I am worthy of compassion
  9. I let go of my obsessive mind
  10. I am radiant
  11. I can overcome any obstacles
  12. I am powerful and confident
  13. I deserve to be treated with respect
  14. I love and accept myself
  15. I am confident
  16. I have a lot to offer to this world
  17. I am worthy of good things
  18. I am abundant in energy and in creativity
  19. I honor and respect myself
  20. I experience abundance in my life
  21. My life is meaningful
  22. I am unique and incredible
  23. I am a beautiful human being
  24. I am perfect in my own way
  25. I am a good person
  26. I am whole
  27. I am complete
  28. It is safe to be me
  29. It is safe for me to express myself
  30. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  31. I am proud of myself
  32. I am open to accept good things into my life
  33. I am open to accept compliments
  34. I look after myself
  35. I am joyous
  36. I am comfortable in my own skin
  37. I love every aspect of me
  38. I am lovable even when I make mistakes
  39. I deserve abundance in every area of my life
  40. I am able to recognize and celebrate my unique talents
  41. I believe in myself
  42. I accept the power that I have
  43. All that I need lives already within me
  44. I know that I am supported by the Universe
  45. I can set boundaries
  46. I live life gracefully
  47. I am beautiful just the way I am
  48. I can love unconditionally
  49. I am proud of who I am becoming
  50. I deserve to be loved
  51. I deserve happiness
  52. I understand that my mistakes are just an opportunity to learn and grow
  53. I feel secure in my own skin
  54. I deserve to have my wishes fulfilled
  55. I deserve to flourish
  56. I am open to receive goodness into my life
  57. I have all the strength I need within me
  58. I am in harmony
  59. I have kindness for me and the others within me
  60. I have compassion for me and the others within me
  61. I appreciate myself
  62. I am grateful of being myself
  63. I am grateful for my body
  64. I am grateful for having a healthy body
  65. I am grateful for having a healthy mind
  66. I love and appreciate my capacity to manifest
  67. I am able to forgive
  68. I can let go of the things that no longer serve me
  69. I appreciate my self-healing ability
  70. I celebrate my uniqueness
  71. Loving myself is easy
  72. It is safe to be myself
  73. I am a valuable human being
  74. I have a purpose in life
  75. I have gifts
  76. I am here to bring wonderful things to this world
  77. I am authentic
  78. I am significant
  79. I allow the creativity within me
  80. I have caring thoughts towards myself
  81. I respect myself by looking after myself
  82. I love every single cell of my body
  83. I feel supported by the Universe
  84. I am happy to be alive
  85. I feel supported and protected
  86. I know that I am here for a reason
  87. I chose to be happy
  88. I feel blessed just for being me
  89. I have a beautiful soul
  90. I am present in the moment
  91. I have the power to make the changes in my life that I need to do
  92. I allow myself to be the real me
  93. I spread love to those surrounding me
  94. I can listen to my inner guide
  95. I am becoming more intuitive
  96. I can listen to my emotions
  97. I accept my unconditionally
  98. I chose to feed my mind with healthy thoughts
  99. I chose to feed my body with healthy foods
  100. I am full of love for me and the others
  101. I am a compassionate human being
  102. I feel connected to the Universe that supports me