162 Affirmations for FOCUS and CLARITY that WORK!
These affirmations have the power to increase your concentration!

  1. I have a courageous heart that follows big dreams.
  2. I give power to my dreams by visualizing them each day.
  3. I am preparing myself to conquer everything I have in mind.
  4. I am connected to my dreams, because they have the ability to improve my life.
  5. I visualize my goals each day and it is hence easier for me to reach them.
  6. My dedication and hard work are being rewarded.
  7. I trust myself on the path towards achieving my dreams.
  8. I am taking one step at a time, but I am always walking.
  9. I am the only one to determine my worth.
  10. Whatever the situation, I stay true to my plan.
  11. I can see every side clearly, and plan efficiently. This leads me to success.
  12. I have faith in my ability to do /insert whatever your plan might be here/
  13. I have faith in my courage to overcome any situation.
  14. I am great at my job.
  15. I am successfully achieving all my goals, one by one.
  16. I create my own opportunities.
  17. I am doing great. I do not let myself stop.
  18. My enthusiasm towards achieving my dreams increases every day.
  19. I can and I will definitely conquer my dreams and hopes.
  20. I make my life worth living.
  21. I know deep inside of me that I can get anything I want if I set my mind to it. 
  22. I attract success.
  23. I am a magnet for success.
  24. I receive blessings from the Universe.
  25. I receive signs from the Universe and act on them.
  26. I am confident and fearless.
  27. I let things happen in the way they are destined to.
  28. I focus on what is important.
  29. The Universe is helping me to work hard and build my awesome future.
  30. I am certain that I can reach my goals.
  31. I let my mind focus on growth.
  32. I have the potential to fulfil the goals and ambitions I have set for myself.
  33. I am extremely productive.
  34. I am work hard towards achieving my ambitions.
  35. I am self-driven towards my ambitions.
  36. I enjoy working towards my goals
  37. I complete all of my work on time.
  38. I learn something new every day.
  39. I have a tremendous ability to focus on my goals.
  40. I am highly motivated.
  41. I can see my ambitions and ideas getting a shape and structure.
  42. I enjoy working for my dreams and aspirations.
  43. I am getting one step closer towards my goals each day.
  44. I am physically, mentally and emotionally ready to walk towards my ambitions.
  45. The Universe plans and acts in my favor.
  46. My plans are rightly working out for me.
  47. I am proud of myself for being able to work towards achieving my dreams.
  48. I am deeply motivated to walk in the direction of my dreams consistently.
  49. I have faith in my abilities.
  50. I am extremely focused and motivated.
  51. I am self-disciplined.
  52. I am productive.
  53. My ability to be productive improves every day.
  54. Being productive is natural in me.
  55. I am enthusiastic at work.
  56. I am growing.
  57. I have an immense will-power.
  58. I can achieve anything I want.
  59. I feel empowered.
  60. I stop putting things off
  61. I have mental clarity
  62. I can clearly see the right option to take in every situation
  63. I focus on the right priorities to achieve my goals.
  64. I have a sharp mind.
  65. My mind is sharp and focused on the right priorities.
  66. I am a doer.
  67. I get things done quickly and successfully.
  68. I avoid the distractions that do not serve me in life.
  69. I do not engage in overthinking. I go and do it.
  70. I work consistently on my projects.
  71. I have the potential to fulfil the goals and ambitions I have set for myself.
  72. I have a sharp focused mind that does not let itself be feared by lesser minds.
  73. I am diligent.
  74. My mind is aligned with my dreams and objectives.
  75. I am unstoppable.
  76. I go confidently in the direction of my dreams.
  77. I pursue my dreams.
  78. I have a calmed mind that can focus on what is really important for me every single time.
  79. If I can dream it, I can achieve it.
  80. I work on myself every single day.
  81.  I can trust my memory
  82. My mind absorbs new information and knowledge effortlessly
  83. I am able to relax, so my mind works better.
  84. I believe I have plenty of potential and decide to utilize it.
  85. I nurture the strengths within me and let them grow.
  86. I am capable of making the right decisions and taking the necessary actions on time.
  87. I am always guided and supported by my higher self.
  88. I have clarity and focus
  89. I love the process of working towards my goals.
  90. I can remember names and dates easily.
  91. I am a quick learner.
  92. I can apply my knowledge with ease.
  93. I am extremely productive.
  94. I have great willpower.
  95. I concentrate easily.
  96. I stay on the task I am working on.
  97. I starve my distractions.
  98. I focus on /Place your objective here/
  99. I am 100% focused on /Place your objective here/
  100. I am 100% committed to my decisions.
  101. I am 100% committed to achieving /Place your objective here/
  102. I choose the courage.
  103. I am productive every single day.
  104. My mind is energized, sharp and 100% focused.
  105. I turn my dreams into goals and I act on them.
  106. I face my fears, so my mind and resilience grow stronger.
  107. I can always get the information stored in my mind by asking for it in a relaxed manner.
  108. I am the director of my focus and concentration.
  109. All of my senses are working at their peak.
  110. I am centered.
  111. I am extremely resourceful.
  112. I am in the state of flow.
  113. Whenever my mind gets distracted, I am an innate ability to refocus on what is important.
  114. My focus is so great that I can easily find the solutions for the problems I am faced with. 
  115. I take problems as opportunities to learn and grow my mental strength and clarity.
  116. I focus on working on my thoughts, and this habit leads me success.
  117. It is easy for me to recognize the signs from the Universe.
  118. As my mind is clear and calmed, I can easily recognize the signs from the Universe.
  119. I am fully aware of my thoughts.
  120. I learn quickly.
  121. I memorize whatever I want effortlessly.
  122. I make wise decisions every day.
  123. I am fully present.
  124. I focus on the present.
  125. I pay full attention to the present.
  126. I chose to live in the present.
  127.  My mind does a good job at filtering out what does not serve me, so I can focus even more on what serves me.
  128. I can easily concentrate on whatever I want.
  129. If I set my mind to it, I can easily achieve it.
  130. I align my focus with the higher purpose of my life.
  131. I focus on the journey towards achieving my goals.
  132. I invest my time wisely.
  133. I am free from self-doubt and disturbing thoughts. I am 100 % focused.
  134. When I am confused, I know I can trust my subconscious mind to get me the right answer.
  135. I know how to communicate with subconscious mind when I seek for answers.
  136. I am creative finding solutions to unexpected problems.
  137. I accept the obstacles I am presented with, as my clear, focused mind knows what to do to overcome them and learn from them.
  138. I am blessed with gifts, and I choose to use them and share them with the world.
  139. I am blessed with creativity.
  140. I invest my time is something meaningful.
  141. I set the intention of improving my focus.
  142. I set the intention of being highly efficient.
  143. I set the intention of improving my concentration.
  144. Focus is just natural in me.
  145. I am alert and focused.
  146. I am organized.
  147. I am becoming more organized each day.
  148. I am capable of making the right decisions and taking the necessary actions on time.
  149. I allow myself to change the habits that are pulling me behind and replace them all with positive habits.
  150. Every day I invest in myself.
  151. I am wired to succeed.
  152. My focus is so great that I can manifest good, positive things fast. 
  153. I am so alert that I can clearly see how the Universe is helping me to turn my dreams into a reality.
  154. I am so focused that I can clearly see all the signs from the Universe.
  155. I am so extremely focused that I feel guided by the Universe all the time.
  156. I am so alert, focused and deeply connected to my inner voice.
  157. I am very clear about what my priorities are and I focus on them over anything else.
  158. Staying on task is natural to me.
  159. My productivity is extraordinary thanks to my perfect focus.
  160. I have an innate ability to stay on task.
  161. I finish what I start.
  162. I leave people amazed by my focus and productivity.