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Why Should I Use Affirmations?

This project is very personal to me. For years, I simply had the wrong mindset in life. Things looked like were never going my way. Then, one day I discovered the power of affirmations. I know have a much more fulfilled life, and my life has had radical changes in all aspects.


Along my journey, I have not only done affirmations. I have included techniques, such us meditation, gratitude, etc. But positive affirmations have been an instrumental tool when changing my mindset

Besides, they are easy to incorporate in your routine, and you can truly make use of them as you live your everyday life.

But, a word of caution here: If you really want to experience the FULL power of affirmations…

  • You need to be consistent (repeat them DAILY)
  • You need focus (don’t let your mind wander – it takes practice, but you will get there!)
  • You need to really WANT the changes in your life that you are hoping to achieve through the repetition of affirmations (this is very important).

Why Do Affirmations WORK?

eWith the help of affirmations, you can change your beliefs for good. If you change your beliefs, swap them with the ones you truly would like to have, then you become a different person. The REAL you. The BEST version of yourself.

They reprogram your subconscious mind, so you experience the results automatically on the conscious level.

I do not know where in your journey you are. If you already are aware of how powerful this “simple” technique is  and that is why you are here. Or if you are still skeptical…

If the latest is the case, I get it. I was the same when I started my journey. But this is my advice to you: try affirmations. There is nothing lose, and then you can judge for yourself!

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Affirmations to support your weight loss. Weight loss is not all about counting calories and exercising. You need to create a new YOU with new habits. Affirmations work extraordinary for this. Master your mind alongside your new figure! See ourn positive 100 affirmations for weight loss!


So many people has limiting beliefs in this area! Financial or abundance affirmations are statements you tell yourself about money. They help you to remove the blocks in your mind that stop you from moving forward when it comes to your finances. Check our list of super powerful financial affirmations.

Self Love Affirmations

Throughout your entire life, you have a relationship with… YOURSELF!  You can choose the way you want it to be. Don’t let a self-limiting mind get in the way. Self-love and self- acceptance are the cornerstone of everything else. It is time to shine. Take a look at our positive affirmations for self-love!

I am affirmations


I am affirmations are easy, BUT super powerful. I AM statements affirm the stories that you tell yourself, and can stop the self-sabotage and negative thinking in its tracks.  I AM positive statements repeteated often will facilitate the positive changes you need to make. Check our I AM affirmations examples!